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LaVelle has served as dancer, choreographer, and creative consultant for pop music’s biggest names since the moment he entered the professional dance scene.
LaVelle has worked in various capacities for artists such as Beyoncé, Usher, Diana Ross, Chris Brown, Destiny’s Child, Janet Jackson, En Vogue, TLC, George Michael, Ricky Martin, Brandy, and the biggest of them all, the King of Pop himself - Michael Jackson (for 23 years).

LaVelle’s experience does not only include pop stars and their on stage and television presentations but film and corporate commercials as well.
The sensual and tantalizing dancing in "Coyote Ugly" is tallied up to LaVelle’s repertoire, as well as, the hilarious and outlandish dancing of superstar Jim Carrey in "The Cable Guy." The commercials he choreographed include such world wide known companies as: Guinness, L’Oreal, Guess, Levi's, Paul Mitchell Hair Care, Converse, Virginia Slims , Revlon, Arrid Extra Dry, US Air, Siemens Phones… .

LaVelle has won 5 MTV Awards for Best Choreography, his most recent one was in 2004 for Beyoncé’s "Crazy in Love".
LaVelle was inducted into the DuPont Manual Hall of Fame in 2006, the youngest member to receive this honor. LaVelle was the recipient of the 2007 Dance Media Honors Award.
From 2006 to May 2009 Smith was working with Michael Jackson preparing for his This IS IT performance.


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